Spins ... When we think about figure skating, we always associate the sport with many pirouettes and turns on the ice, and in the air. Fast, beautiful and centered spins charm us and push us to think: "It must be incredibly difficult!"


Absolutely, high-quality spins need hard work from both Student and Coach. Enormous amount of technically correct repetitions to learn and improve difficult spins.


While the International Judging System is becoming increasingly strict towards precise execution in spins, it is vital to return to basics, and work systematically on achieving the most comfortable and confident feeling during the spin entrance, balance, speed and exit. Together, these elements grant skaters the ability to create extraordinary individualized spins.


Spins Technique Lessons with Sasha, focuses on these features and the hidden quality of equilibrium that, when applied, can be used in the majority of figure skating elements, especially, jumps.  






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