Nowadays skating skills are becoming a primary condition for execution of any steps/turns, spins and, especially, jumps. As higher athletes go in figure skating as more advanced level of skating skills they require to keep improving, they need to pay attention on skating skills at all times, systematically working on those. Skating Skills form the foundation for the correct execution of all elements in figure skating. As skaters reach higher levels in skating, more advanced maneuvers rely heavily on well-formed skating skills.


Today, the International Judging System ascribes the same weight to the Technical and Program Component Scores (PCS), marks of performance, in a skater’s overall score. The PCS factor varies and changes according to the technical level of each discipline to make both scores equally valuable. As the PCS is largely based on the mastery of skating skills it is necessary as a competitor to be both a technician and a master of gliding, flowing and performing.


During Skating Skills Lessons Sasha works on overall skating quality: deep edge control , balanced and rhythmic knee action, precision of foot and body placement, execution of the skating vocabulary, varied use of power and speed, multi directional skating and the mastery of one foot skating.


USFSA Moves in the Field (MITF) tests guide the development of skating skills. Having performed at the highest of international figure skating, Sasha applies his exceptional professional experience to coach new athletes towards achieving the highest level of skating skills while preparing for MITF tests. More than simply practicing to pass a test or training skating skills themselves, Sasha utilizes a specialized system, which allows athletes to land jumps and perform spins at a high-technical and consistent level.


Mastery of Skating Skills is a right way to achieve a Mastery of Figure Skating.




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