Every program needs polishing once the Choreographer brought the concept to life. From the Choreographer's view, a Coach and a skater need to make each moment, movement, step, second and inch of the program breathe.


There are five Program Components - Skating Skills, Transitions, Performance, Composition and Interpretation of the Music. The goal of Sasha's Program Flow lessons is to use each of the five components compliment and work in concert with one another, to develop the impression of the program.


The quality of linking footwork between elements, step and choreographic sequences, gives each program a style, texture and quality that makes it breathe from the first bit of the music. Threading all movements of the program together weaves a tapestry of spectacle on the ice.


Sasha's Program Flow Lesson is about making all parts of the program a complete composition, executed in an effortless flowing manner.  






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