Strength and trust are key elements in many great sports, but arguably, none so much as Pair Skating. Two athletes, mentally and physically matched, must have the spiritual courage to trust themselves, trust a Coach, trust a Choreographer, a Trainer and most importantly one another to accomplish shared success.


To begin, a Skater must be a mature athlete and individual, but also physically prepared to take on the challenges of partner elements. At minimum boys should be at least 16 years of age, when the muscles are developing the stamina to handle over-head lifts and throws, to consider Pairs. For girls, the age requirement is younger (12 year of age) as they do not have the responsibility of lifting their partner, but must be capable of lifting/holding their own body position. 


In the process of Pair Skating, two individual skaters join a Team and share the struggle, failure, success and reward together. The Team includes the Pair, the Coach, and the Parents or Supporters of the skaters.


On and off the ice, positive communication within the Team is paramount. For safety and success, the Team must regularly address all details of training, nutrition, logistics, and schedule, to equip the Pair with best possible support.


Having competed at the highest levels of International Pair Skating, Sasha brings his knowledge and experience to the ice.  Bringing the technique and training gained from world-renowned coaches and choreographers, Sasha looks to guide the Team through the creative and competitive process, knowing firsthand the realities of High Competition.






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