Learning new jumps, moving from singles to doubles, and eventually to triples, are pivotal moments in a skater’s growth. An athlete needs to be physically, mentally and technically prepared to make this transition. Jumping Mechanics (JM) lessons are all about this change: approaching the jump, take-off, time in the air, air position, landing and exit position.


Mastering multi-rotational jumps is challenging. Basic components learned at this time, create the foundation for the future success of any particular element, especially where multi-rotational jumps are concerned. Without professional sound instruction, "bad habits" can grow at this time. Consecutive errors may develop a flawed technical habit, which corrupts an athletes future jump formation and confidence.

To create a safe and high-technical approach to multi-rotational jumps, Sasha focuses on each supporting component of proper jumping execution. These learning concepts allow skaters to reach maximum rotations and land jumps when it matters most.


Among the many tools used to gain a "right feeling" for jumping, Sasha uses a Portable Harness. Coaches around the world proved the efficacy of the Portable Harness during all stages of learning figure skating jumps. The Portable Harness can help to prevent bad falls and facilitate conditions to feel rotation safely. However, technique first, real understanding and performance of correct movement is the most important feature; the “fishing pole” can help, but it is not a substitute for real learning. Being an internationally ranked pair skater allows Sasha to track students safely while teaching on the Harness; his own coaching experience and partnerships with many established coaches help to see and evaluate mistakes fast.







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