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Where to begin? 


Learn To Skate (LTS) is a program of group classes that guide new skaters through the foundation elements of figure skating. From marching, wiggles, and swizzles, to waltz jumps, salchow, toe loop, backspin, sit spin and camel spin.

All of these are good supplements to Private Basics Lessons with Sasha and assist you to move out into the world of endless possibilities in figure skating and hockey. Read more about Basics Lessons

What are the Parameters of Skating Performance?

Skating Vocabulary

Skating Skills power stroking, fluid linking footwork and clean edges – learn to display force, precise edge control, rhythmic knee action and effortless ability to vary velocity throughout the performance.

Steps & Turns gradually learning a high-quality execution of step sequences beginning from basics to challenging, from cross rolls to rockers.

Choreographic & Spiral Sequences mastering such movements as arabesques, spirals varieties, Ina Bauers, spread eagles, butterfly jumps, etc.

Body Movements using arms, head, torso, hips and legs that have a visual effect on the balance of the body

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Spin Combinations learning and perfecting spin positions in both directions, changing foot and edges, varying entrances and speed

Flying Spins with height and total movement control, flying in sit position, butterfly or camel splits and clear landing into a fast spin

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Consistent Landing of jumps, jump sequences and combinations; special system of preparation for single, double and multi-rotational jumps – exercises that help a skater’s muscle memory to understand and begin to feel all stages of jumps’ execution: jump approach, take-off, flight/rotation and landing

Portable Harness teaching jumps with a special equipment to keep a skater in the air slightly longer to finish the rotation, it is very useful for learning double jumps, including single/double Axel

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Warm up & Stretching prepare skaters to practice on the ice and cool down after intense skating to avoid injuries and increase the quality of performance

General Physical Preperation to make skaters strong cycling through each muscle group, building respiratory and cardiovascular systems

Applied Off-ice Technique gaining the feeling and right habits of jump/spin techniques off the ice to make the practice on the ice more productive and comfortable for the skater

Dance Basics learning the basics of ballroom dancing, classical ballet and contemporary dances to feel the music, and flow with it on the ice.

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Skating is a dynamic sport; a blend of athleticism and artistry. These off ice movements form the foundation for execution of on-ice choreography. 

More than a show of strength and skill, skating is an interpretation of sound and emotion. Choreography is about building programs that develop and exhibit the individual skater's personal signature of movement.

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